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    Industrial panel pc touch screen
    1. Product introduction of glass touch screen display
    We are not only support big size touch screen, but small and medium size touch screen. Cinotop industrial touch panels can be customized to your specifications,
    weather your industrial touch panel requires glove input capabilities, water resistance, or EMI shielding.

    2. Product Parameter( specification) of industrial panel pc touch screen
    Model NoCNT015.6001CTP-V1.0
    IC ModelILI2302
    Sensor thickness ITO0.7mm
    Coverlens thickness1.1mm
    Cover Lens O.D.382.23*231.54 mm
    Active Area347.9*197.2 mm
    Surface hardness> 6H
    Interface USB
    3. Product feature of industrial panel pc touch screen
    •Anti-Reflection/Anti-Glare Glass
    • Laminated Safety Glass
    • Anti-Reflection/Anti-Glare Film
    • Optical Bonding
    • Privacy Film
    4. Product details of industrial panel pc touch screen
    5. Application of 21.5 inch interactive touch screen computer
    6. Product of Qualification of multi-touch real estate interactive touch screen

    1. How about the transparency?
    The transparency is >85%.
    2. How many touch points?
    10 touch points or more.
    3. What is the products application?
    Education, conference touch & control, navigation & guide devices, self-service systems, interactive digital signage, education platform and gaming machines, etcIndustrial Panel Pc quotation