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    DIN7504K Hexagon Head Self Tapping Screws
    Hex washer head self-drilling screws are made of stainless steel and have a sheet metal thread with a self-drilling cutting point to pierce through metal steel, aluminium, wood etc., including structural steel.The higher the TEK number the larger the drilling point to pierce heavier gauge metals. Different stainless mode for different applications.Hex head self drilling sheet metal screws are installed with a wrench or hex nut setter.
    Product Description
    Type:Self-drilling Screw /Tek Screw
    Material:Carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel
    Head Type:Hex Waher Head
    Drive Type:Exterior Hex
    Standard:DIN, ANSI, JIS, IFI
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    Company Information:
    Ningbo YiPian Hong Fastener Co., Ltd is a professional fastener manufacturer and exporter of China fastener, also is one member of China Fastener Association.
    We are proficiently engaged in manufacturing various kinds of high strength bolts, nuts and thread rods with a yearly capacity of 30,000 tons and an annual turnover of 300 million Yuan.
    Our products include standards of ANSI/ASTM, DIN, BS, ISO, GB, JS, etc, which are mainly applied to the fields of high strength tight firmware and petroleum pipes’ valve.
    Our products are mostly exported to Europe, North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries and regions.
    We receive great acclaim from our clients at home and abroad because of the fine quality of our products and our good credit.Screw in stock