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    All processes are robust and allow us to produce safe, high quality and reliable 36V 11AH Battery for our customers. Battery are environmentally friendly and safe.
    1. Product Introduction
    2. Basic Parameter
    Nominal Capacity: 11AH
    Nominal Voltage: 36V
    Cut-off voltage: 29V
    Max. continuous discharge current: 15A
    Peak discharge current: 30A
    Volumetric Energy density: 396WH
    3. Product Feature And Application
    Clean and Green energy, no toxic material contained
    High-end Flashlight, ect.
    4. Product Details
    We can customize the battery according to the requirements of customers, below are the examples of the Battery Case, you can contact our sales for more options:
    5. Quality Control
    6. Delivery, Shipping And Service
    7. FAQ
    (1) Can I use my original battery charger to charge the Aucopo battery?
    All of our batteries can be charged by the original battery chargers. On the other hand, our battery chargers can charge the OEM batteries.
    (2) How do I know my battery has been fully charged?
    There are charging status LED indicators on our battery chargers. The LED “STAUTS” lights in red and the LED “CHARGER” flashes in green while the battery charger connected to the power supply. After you’ve loaded the battery, the LED “CHARGER” lights in red. The LED “CHARGER” flashes in green and red alternately when the battery is almost achieving maximum capacity (over 90%). The LED “CHARGER” will lights green when the charger completed the charging process.
    (3) What is the reason the run-time of my battery becomes shorter and shorter?
    The batteries may at their end of useful life. Batteries are consumable products. After exceeding the battery life range, the batteries’ charging and discharging efficiency will decline dramatically; therefore, it’s time to get a new battery.
    (4) Why does my battery life become shorter in cold temperatures?
    In general, battery is able to work in cold temperatures. But batteries will perform poorly at very low temperatures. Don’t store your device in sub-zero temperatures; your battery may not have enough power to maintain the electronic device running.
    (5) Where is your Repair Centre?
    In case of replacement or repair is needed, feel free to visit our repair centre:
    Addr: Hi-tech Industry Zone,Nanjing,Zhangzhou City,Fujian Province, China.
    Opening hours: Monday – Friday (9:30 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 17:30)
    Call us to schedule an appointment and please remember to present your warranty card and official purchase receipt whenever any warranty service is required. Customers, who have any special enquiry, please contact us during 9:00 to 14:00.
    (6) What is the repair procedure?
    In case of repair is needed, our technician will check and analysis the problem of the defective product(s). 7 to 10 business days will be needed for such process. We’ll notify you via phone when the product(s) is available (Please remember to present your official repair receipt).
    To speed up the processing of repair, please provide us the information of machine you are using.36V Ebike Battery manufacturers