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    ●Product introduction: The glass fiber wrapped film line is wrapped with 1-2 layers of polyester film or polyimide film on high-quality copper (aluminum) wire, and then wrapped with single and double glass fiber, and equipped with the required temperature index. The insulating varnish is impregnated and baked to bond the glass fibers, the glass fibers and the film, and the conductors together to form an integral winding wire. The product has a high voltage breakdown resistance and is rated at 130, 155, 180, and 200. It is widely used in windings of reactors, transformers, motors, or other similar electrical products.
    ●Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details:Standartd package
    Port:Qingdao port and rizhao port, etc
    Lead Time:10-25daysChina Fiberglass Film Covered Wire